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Canine Health Fair
By Audree Berg
Owner, Auggie’s Doggies Healthy Pet Supplies


Auggie’s Doggies Canine Health Fair held Saturday, March 29th, was a resounding success.  Everything was perfect, from the weather to the participants.  (By the way, experience as shown that if you plan an event and the forecast calls for rain, the day will be perfect!)  I’d like to extend my gratitude to the following people who were instrumental in the success of our first Canine Health Fair.


Kathy Keating-Kay, LMT offers classes Aromatherapy using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential, and Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient Asian Art the harmonized the life energy on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  Kathy can be reached at 954-778-0362.

Jata Rahim practices acupuncture for both pets and their people.  Many of our guests may know Jata already.  He sets up behind the CSA baskets under the big tent on most Saturdays.  His phone number is 786-222-9526.

Stevi Quick with Canine Bodyworks Inc was busy providing therapeutic massage to our dogs.  She gently identifies tripper points, relieving stress and sore areas.  Please call Stevi at 561-632-8364.

Kat Rosenberg is an amazing dog behavior specialist, using only positive training methods.  Many of you may know her from her work with the Dog Training Academy of South Florida.  Luckily, she’s available for one on one training.  She can be reached at 954-608-9037.

Kevin and Alice Wineinger own Paws for Health and came all the way over from Sarasota to participate in our Canine Health Fair to offer advice on pet nutrition.  They are Auggie’s Doggies source for raw diets.  They are a terrific couple, and we appreciate that they (and their little poodle, CJ) came all the way over here to join our event.

Shari Sprague MPT, CCRT, who was under the weather and couldn’t join us, is nonetheless a very important member of our team.  Shari owns PUP Canine Rehabilitation and Conditioning, and provides rehabilitation programs.  Please look her up at

Thanks also to Boxer Friends Rescue who were visited by some of their successful adoptees.  Please support them at


We’d also like to acknowledge and thank the following people, without whom this day would have never happened:
Susanne Ansell was the entire committee, advisor, and coach and head cheerleader.
Bob Ansell – thanks for the tables, chairs and bowls!
Chelsea and Fred Marando – without them and their support, Auggie’s Doggies would not exist.  Thanks guys!
Roger Thomas – Did you see this on Facebook or in the newsletter?  That’s Roger!
Monica Fontana and Zen Bar – Smoothies, Juices and Brain on every day!
Ana Botelho – thanks for the P.A. system!
Kelsi Yankee – thanks for being tall, and I love you more than…
Nick Ochoa – Thanks for pre-event promotion.  (Come back, Gypsy King!)
Steve Jobin – Thanks for directing the flow.
Sasha Mabry– you’re terrific, and now everyone knows it!
Amber Magness – my entire staff and so much more.  Besides being Auggie’s Doggies new product expert, she’s the genius behind Jersey Girl Yogurt.  The next time you’re at Marando Farms, be sure to grab a few quarts.  You’ll never taste anything as delicious!

Finally, my great husband, Gary, the love of my life!  From building all the displays in the store to pitching in behind the register, Gary’s support and love are invaluable. 
And, if you missed this one – stayed tuned!  We’ll be planning another Pet Health Fair at the first sign of cooler weather.


Auggie’s Doggies is the creation of Gary and Audree Berg-Farnsworth that has evolved from their passion and love for their family pets. Gary and Audree’s steadfast commitment to supplying premium quality, natural and holistic pet foods, as well as health care products, and supporting local businesses, is only surpassed by their dedication to supplying the highest quality of service to their customers. Long-time pet owners, they personally understand and support their clients need in maintaining healthy pets. Gary and Audree made the switch to “Premium Dog Food” 20 years ago and have experienced the benefits from feeding their own pets a better quality of food. After all, a better quality of food provides a better quality of life. They have always felt their pets deserve the very best and now they are here to offer and provide that same quality for your pets.



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A Charity Worth Its Weight in Pet Food

A few thoughts by Audree Berg, owner of Auggie’s Doggies @ Marando Farms



We would like to take this issue to tell you about a wonderful group of individuals – Broward Meal on Wheels.  In addition to providing essential services that improve health, reduce isolation and promote independent living for seniors in our community, Broward Meals on Wheels provides meals for companion pets. read more




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