December 20th!

Auggie's Doggies is excited to announce that Santa will be here on December 20th between the hours of 10:00 and 2:00 PM! Bring the kids and get a picture with Santa on the classic tractor! Pictures cost $20 and all proceeds are donated to Broward County Community Outreach. See you there!


Auggie’s Doggies is the creation of Gary and Audree Berg-Farnsworth that has evolved from their passion and love for their family pets. Gary and Audree’s steadfast commitment to supplying premium quality, natural and holistic pet foods, as well as health care products, and supporting local businesses, is only surpassed by their dedication to supplying the highest quality of service to their customers. Long-time pet owners, they personally understand and support their clients need in maintaining healthy pets. Gary and Audree made the switch to “Premium Dog Food” 20 years ago and have experienced the benefits from feeding their own pets a better quality of food. After all, a better quality of food provides a better quality of life. They have always felt their pets deserve the very best and now they are here to offer and provide that same quality for your pets.

Auggie’s Doggies is a local, independently owned all-natural pet food shop. We carry the very best foods, treats, chews, toys, leashes, collars and supplies for dogs and cats.

What we do - We offer one-on-one food consultations to educate and encourage our customers to take a holistic approach to caring for their pets. As it is true for humans, nutrition is the cornerstone of your animal's health. Our products are made from human-grade ingredients and contain no by-products, no chemical preservatives, corn or fillers. 

Why we do it - There are countless benefits that stem from providing an all-natural diet for your pet. Most allergy problems can be solved by changing the diet. You may see brighter teeth, thicker or shinier coat, more energy and less waste (yes, it's true!)

How it's easy - Give it a try! We'll set you up with some free samples to see which foods your pet might like. We'll send you home with a food transition schedule to eliminate any side-effects. It really is that easy.




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A photo of Champion Pet Food products was taken at Auggie's Doggies for a submission in a nationwide contest. The winning photo will be featured in an upcoming advertising campaign for Orijen and Acana Pet Foods.



Our Goal

Auggie's Doggies thrives to be a company acknowledged for its integrity, compassion, concern and caring for all creatures.  We further strive to attain a place of high regard from all people we interact with and to contribute to the prosperity of our employees, stakeholders, and community.

 - Audree Berg, President